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How To Be A Good Teacher And To Teach Effectively

Hehe, as a “Laoshi” (Teacher), many people like to ask me how I have managed to teach so well and what is my “secret of success”. Well, let me share with you a simple story and you shall see:

I believe everyone knows Confucius (Kongzi or Kung Tzu). As the greatest “laoshi” (teacher) China ever has, Confucius (Kongzi or Kung Tzu) used to have more than 3000 students with him at any one time and among them 72 favourite and top disciples that he taught much. One day, one of his 72 favourite disciples, Anthony, came to see confucius.

Anthony: Laoshi, if I want so be successful in life, what is the secret.
Confucius: Anthony, whatever you do, you must think and ponder for 3 times before you make any decision.
Anthony: Think 3 times?
Confucius: Yes, 3 times. Never make any decision hastily. Make sure you think 1 time, 2 times and finally 3 times … then only make a decision, and you will not fail.
Anthony: Oh, thank you, Laoshi. I understand now.

(Anthony left happily, having now been enlightened on the secret to success).

Btw, while Anthony was consulting Confucius on the secret to Success, Brandon was also there and he was also much enlightened.

After some time, another top disciple, Dianne, also came to see Confucius.

Dianne: Laoshi, if I want so be successful in life, what is the secret.
Confucius: Dianne dear, whatever you do, do not think too much. Just do it.
Dianne: Just do it?
Confucius: Yes, just do it. Don’t waste time thinking. Do it immediately without haste … and you will not fail.
Dianne: Okie dokey Laoshi. I know what to do now.

(Dianne left happily, having now been enlightened on the secret to success).

Btw, while Dianne was consulting Confucius on the secret to Success, AGAIN Brandon was also there and he was also much enlightened … AGAIN.

As Brandon was there BOTH times (he is damn kaypoh one) when either Anthony or Dianne was being counselled on the secret to success, he was now baffled by the opposite and conflicting advice that the laoshi has given to 2 students who asked the SAME question.

As a very wise laoshi, Confucius can feel it when one of his students is baffled by something. So, eventhough Brandon (the kaypoh) didn’t say anything, Confucius invite him for a private chat in his thatched hut office.

While sitting down over a cup of tea (presumed to be chinese tea since they don’t have ceylonese tea in china 2500 years ago) and some peanuts (menglembu), Confucius encourage Brandon to talk.

Brandon apologised to the Laoshi for eavedropping on his conversations with Anthony & Dianne. Confucius says he is forgiven.

Then Brandon mentioned his bafflement with Confucius’ opposite answers to the SAME question by BOTH Anthony and Dianne.

Confucius smile … and then let out a hearty laughter while stretching his right arm over the low table and pat Brandon’s shoulder.

Confucius then suddenly composed himself, adjust his teacher’s official garment and his headress, and then speak carefully and clearly to Brandon.

Confucius: Anthony and Dianne BOTH asked the SAME question to the SAME laoshi on the SAME subject, correct?
Brandon: Yes, laoshi.
Confucius: I repeat, same question, same subject, same laoshi.
Brandon: Yes, all same.
Confucius: Haha … no, no, no.
Brandon: ????????? Huh??????????

Why? Any idea?
Well … the conversation continues …

Confucius: Same question, right! Same subject, right! Same laoshi, right! But DIFFERENT students asking.

Brandon: Different students ….

Confucius: Yes, one is Anthony, and the other one is Dianne.

Brandon: Ohhhhhh … eerrh, Laoshi, can you kindly elaborate.

Confucius: Haha … ok. Listen carefully.

Brandon: Ok, Laoshi, I am all ears.

Confucius: Anthony is a very impatient and reckless person who always make mistakes because he never spend enough time thinking about what he should or should not do. Lack of sufficient thoughts and analysis, can result in wrong moves that can be costly. If only he could slow down a bit and think before he act, then he would definitely become accomplished in life.

Brandon: I see …. That’s why Laoshi remind him to think 3 times!!!!

Confucius: Yes, now you get it. Ok, on the other hand, Dianne is a person who thinks too much. Her hesitations and procrastinations have resulted in many missed opportunities. If only she learns to act instead of just think … then she would be very successful in life.

Brandon: I SEE!!!!!!!!!! That’s why Laoshi told her to “just do it”! Now I know already!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU laoshi :)

Confucius: Hahahaha ……. go now. :)


Yes, everyone has different abilities to learn and master knowledge. As an effective teacher, one must be able to analyse what are the strengths, weaknesses, talents, abilities and general needs of each and everyone of one’s students. Teach your students according to what is best for him / her and you will never go wrong. In Mandarin Chinese we say “Yin Cai2 Shi Jiao4″ :)

Btw, as this is the first post to my blog for the year 2008, I would like to wish everyone a wonderful new year and may you be blessed with abundance of happiness, good health, prosperity and success :)


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